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We’re not a music festival, though sometimes we look a little like one. We’re not promoters, though we sure do love bringing our favorite artists to town. We’re not a charity, though we are passionate about supporting important causes and protecting our world.


We’re Honest Folk—a small team of Rochesterians who believe that this city deserves a different kind of concert, where national acts and local openers perform in intimate settings. Where the space, the sound, the food and the drink are as thoughtfully curated as the set list. And where every person who buys a ticket creates opportunities for regional nonprofits at the same time. We think we have the recipe for turning great music into great experiences, and once you’ve joined us for an Honest Folk Presents event, we think you’ll agree. Just being honest.

We love our community of Rochester and love where we live. We want to make it a better place. That is why for every Honest Folk show we donate 10% to a local charity. We also love our environment! We also partner with Rochester's Impact earth to have every show, A Zero Waste show. Come join us and see what we're all about! 



Q: Do I need to purchase tickets in advance? 

A: It is advised to buy a ticket in advance, as our venues are small tickets may not be available at the door. If it is not sold out then tickets will be available at the door. 

Q: What's Honest Folk?  I'm out with my friends, am I allowed to converse with them during the show?

A:  We've meticulously crafted the event, It has great acoustics, we hire expert sound engineers to run the show, we sell tickets, and we bring in artists from around the country (and the world) to perform in the space.  Sure, it's fun to go hang out with your friends and catch up with the past week's craziness.  For those conversations, we welcome you to talk quietly at the bar but we do ask for your respect of the artist and the people around you by refraining from talking excessively.

Q: Do you serve food?

A: Yes,  We get a local caterer or food truck to provide delicious food for our events! Check with facebook or event page for details. They do change. 

Q The show is at Good Luck, is there kitchen open?

A: No, but the full bar is available and food provided by another local business. 


Q: Can I guarantee a place to sit?


A: At this time, no.  Our seating is first come first served/ general admission. 

Q: I purchased a ticket in advance and was really psyched about the show, but tonight I don't feel well.  Can I get a refund?


A:  This is a tricky one for us for a variety of reasons.  Without getting too deeply into the subject of ticket counts, agency agreements, door splits, band guarantees, etc. when a ticket is purchase the patron is counted and the sale is reported to the band management.  If we refund a ticket, we have to not only give you your money back but then give the agency their share.  In other words, we can't refund your ticket because we'd lose twice.  So, if you get sick and can't attend a show, feel free to find someone to take your place.  We'll gladly change the name on your reservation to someone else, or allow you to attend a future show. We will try our best to accommodate you if we can!  For particular questions about this, email Mike@honestfolkpresents.com