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Ira Wolf and Lee Henke 

October 14, 2019 

Good Luck 

50 Anderson Ave. Rochester New York 

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Ira Wolf 

Hailing from the mountains of Montana, and making a home in Nashville, TN, Ira Wolf's music and writing is vulnerable, honest, and "delightfully subtle."  With three studio albums to share, Ira has performed on stages across the US, the UK, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia since she began touring in 2014. She draws from personal experience, and connects on an intimate level with her audience through her honest lyrics and melancholy vocals. With roots in folk, americana and bluegrass genres, Ira has found a unique sound that resonates with an eclectic listening crowd. 

A former Berklee College of Music student, Ira has been recognized for her lyrical content and vocal capabilities in numerous festivals and songwriting contests including Rocky Mountain Folks Festival Songwriter Showcase, Great American Song Contest, and International Songwriting Competition, among many others. She was also named one of Spotify's 'Best of Folk/Americana 2016' and 'Fresh Folk, Best of 2017' artists. 

Along with her musical talent, Ira has received recognition for her fearless dedication to a full-time touring schedule as a soloist. As she has continued living on the road, her music and lifestyle have been featured in blogs such as She-Explores 'Women on the Road', as well as Sonicbids 'Success Stories'. 

Although Ira continues to make Nashville her home-base, she maintains a life on the road when she's not recording. She released her highly anticipated third album 'The Closest Thing To Home', in 2017 and spent the majority of 2018 touring the U.S.

Ira has no plans to slow down anytime soon and continues writing and performing both inside the states and overseas. She recently partnered with GoWesty for the second time and moved back into her beloved 1988 VW Vanagon (Ruby) full-time to continue traveling and touring. 

Lee Henke 

A modern-day vagabond currently living on the road with no town to call home, Lee Henke continues to work tirelessly at his crafts. A midwestern born singer-songwriter and carpenter who is sincerely dedicated to quality and simplicity. With a constant demand for sustainable progress, he delivers well-constructed songs and woodworks with an even blend of contour and grit.

For the past 5 years, he has been touring the country playing 150+ shows a year. He released his first solo effort entitled Schema EP in September of 2015.

He is set to release his debut full-length album in the fall of 2019 entitled, “Captain Of The Ship.” Recorded and produced in Nashville with Gena Johnson, “Captain Of The Ship” is chock-full of honest songs about love, change, and endurance.

He is currently on a nationwide tour to promote his first single from the upcoming album entitled, “Take Me To The Movies.” The response from fans and critics has been overwhelmingly supportive. It was released on March 1st, 2019 and is now available on all the streaming platforms. 


50 Anderson Ave

Rochester NY

date: 10/14/19

time: 6:00-10PM



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